Saturday, April 28, 2018

Spring Purge

The weather had turned rather miserable overnight, thwarting Jim's and my plans to join the Port Townsend Urban Sketchers for the last chance to record the major reconstruction through the middle of downtown.  So far there've been so many wonderful sketches from various artists through the months of chaos and heavy equipment invasion. I somehow haven't managed to get one yet! 

However, watching my neighbor set fire to the massive pile of slash between our properties, it occurred to me I could still scratch my itchy sketchy fingers today. The misty green foliage of Spring seemed to need mostly Conte Crayon to really bring out the contrast between the soft, wet buds, and the sharp, bright flames.  


  1. It is so beautiful, Elsbeth! Magical, as all your art!
    Enjoy the tenderness of Spring!