Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Giselle Finds The Perfect Leaf

So the pigment spill I thought had been the basis for a wild floral display, the plastic-wrap print in the center lending itself to a cut crystal vase, actually turned out to be a woman gazing at a windblown storm of Autumn leaves swirling around her.  It's a thrill to collaborate with what the patterns tell me after some deep meditation on them.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

What Is This?

A very disappointing Pigment Spill experiment I tried a couple nights ago almost became "collage fodder" (only fit to be torn or cut up and pasted into other projects), but last night I thought better of it.  With nothing to lose, I stretched it on my board again, spilled pigments here and there, letting them blend.  What had been a bleh sheet of vague beige, tan and mauve, was now a riot of color explosions.  Jim and I both keep seeing things in it, but who knows what I will end up teasing out of the patterns.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Deer Dynasty of Lopez Island

The San Juan Islands of Washington state are each ecosystems unto themselves in some ways, and when Jim and I spent more than a week on the Islands recently, we were reminded of the unique personality of each, as well as the relatively unique land masses and shapes.  The demographics are apparently different, also.  Certain sorts of folk prefer one over the other.  Lopez was new to us this trip, and it seemed more laid back, so to speak, in comparison to the other islands.  Less to offer for those who love to have excitement on their getaway, but more friendliness. The drivers all wave at each other as they pass.  Everyone we talked to seemed to already be our best friends.  Most take the time to chat.  The landscape was breath-taking, and many come there to bicycle around the island or kayak.  It seemed a great place to spend some quiet time writing one's next Great American Novel. The wide variety of family farms supplies the two local grocery markets with organic produce, as well as meats raised sustainably and without the usual crap that are fed to most stock.

The house we rented on Lopez overlooked the village and the salt water beyond.  The property was also occupied by a multi-generational family of deer who each do their part to work the family business of harvesting apples from the trees.  There is fierce competition, apparently, from the yellow jackets.  They would often send the young fauns off with much ear and tail-flicking, and head shaking.  The rabbit population didn't seem to do much but mow the lawn.  They were the greens keepers.