Sunday, April 24, 2016

An Old Friend

I stumbled across an image of a sculpture I'd created maybe fifteen years ago, and sold at one of my fave galleries so soon after he was completed, I never got a chance to get him to the pro photographer in time.  Fortunately, my dear Neil was a fair photographer, and we did get this image of "Milestone" before he was gone.  He's about 21inches tall, I think.  I wonder how my children are all faring out there in the world, snug in their homes, scattered around the globe.

Monday, April 4, 2016

A Two-Handed Blind Contour Portrait

Not long ago, a group of us Feral Creatives gathered at the home of one of our sisterhood over looking the salt water. We laughed, drank, ate and arted.  At some point, I had passed out small pieces of heavy watercolor paper, and asked each of the group to pick a partner. Without looking at the paper, we were to draw an ink line of our partner's face (and vice versa), never lifting the pen until the drawing was done. The results, of course, were hysterically funny, and we wiped the tears from our eyes in astonishment of our efforts.  Some traded their sketches, and took them home.  

My partner was my dear friend, Pam. This is the ink contour she did of me, and I've had it sitting on display in my living room for months, just as it was. Today I filled it in with watercolor (we'd given each other permission to do so), as I love to do with blind contour selfies sometimes. Okay, well, all the time.  Not a bad collaboration, right?