Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning To Do Other Stuff

Bones of the Earth
Okay, I think I've discovered how to import a photo from other files and pop it into my posting.   This is stretching my very little left brain!

This photo was taken by my much-loved husband, Jim Arnold, a professional photographer, of one of my recent sculptures in clay.  Her title is "Bones of the Earth" and reminds me of the very sculptural great columns of basalt harvested and sold for landscaping purposes.  She is diminutive, however, only maybe 13 inches tall.   She and her family can be seen currently at Art On The Boulevard Gallery in Vancouver, WA., where Fay Kahn, a gifted painter and batik artist and I are featured through the month of September:


  1. This is a beautiful sculpture, and I know it is even more so in real life. Please post images of your other sculptures - thank you!

  2. Thanks, Marian! I'll do one a day for several days. To those who haven't seen the group together, it'll seem impressive that I do a complete sculpture a day.

  3. I love this face. The subtlety of the smile is exquisite.

  4. Thanks, Joyce. I like your writing and drawings.