Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Major "Innocents III and IV"

At one point, not long after I had begun casting bronze in 1999, I created a pair of small, stylized people, I called the "Innocents".  First I made the male, and thinking I was creating a buddy, I began on the second one.  He seemed shorter, though I weighed the clay carefully.  As I progressed, "he" pretty much looked much more like a "she", and the first Innocent was grinning down at her with much pleasure.   They were only about 10" or 11" tall, "Innocent I and Innocent II".   It was a pleasure to see them cast in bronze, and I sold quite a number of the edition easily.   And in my strange, upside-down way, I have not posted those sculptures first.   These pieces are actually an enlargement of that Innocent male and female, sculpted and cast in 2004, I think (I'll have to check my records).   They are about 34" tall, and weigh about 65 lbs each.   Now that's a little too big to carry in my purse on a cold night in the city!

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  1. The sheen of the patina really does show off their contours well. I like the way the feet are so substantial, and the facial features so delicate.