Monday, February 25, 2013

Three Red Study

I may never finish that "before" painting or even begin the "after" painting of the new studio, as the "after" is kinda boring.  The couch was the only interesting thing in the room and now it's gone.  Maybe I'll catch up with that once the walls are covered with colorful paintings.  So you may all have to wait several years until the "after"!  

I've begun my watercolor class with Catherine Mix, and this is my first homework assignment.  Three different reds, she wanted us to paint.   It was a pleasure to lay on brush strokes of luscious, crisp reds, a  color I haven't always enjoyed through the years.  

Can you locate the "pentimento" in this image? (Hint: Go back and read my October 6th 2012 posting) 

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