Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Expanding Kizzy

I know, this is cheating.  I have used a photo sent to me by a friend of her cat to practice my Procreate tools on my iPad.  This is Kizzy, or at least the dreamlike Kizzy I manifested from the original.  I recreated some of the background to give her more room in her setting, and greatly expanded her coat, using the tints Procreate said were already going on in the photo... I just exaggerated them a bit!  The last challenge was the lit eye.  In the photo, it was all but washed out, so I recreated it, from a description my friend gave me of it on the phone.  

This beats doodling any day.  


  1. Beautifully done. Something very etheric about the photo.

    1. Thank you, Adrienne. Yes, she is a bit of a dreamy kitty. I'm not sure what might be fur, and what might be energetic tendrils!