Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Collaboration With A Master Doodler

Every time I spend time with my grandchildren, I come away enhanced somehow.  Not only from the pleasure of their loving and sparkly presence, but from unexpected stuff, too.  I found my daughter's Gustav Klimt book on the coffee table while baby-sitting, and grabbed my ever-present sketchbook.  I was inspired by Klimt's female faces.  I stopped short of filling in the body forms, and instead, handed the pages to the kids to finish that part.  When they were done, I put in color.  Above is my grandson's work.  He says he doesn't draw or paint.  He "doodles".  I think he thinks drawing and painting is girl stuff, and at the age of (almost) eight, he's in the midst of figuring out what's boy-stuff and what's girl-stuff.  Sadly, I was unable to get my granddaughter's permission to use her efforts, so you'll have to take my word for it.  That girl can PAINT!!

Not sure what the deal is with the anvil falling on this creature's head, nor the sword piercing her brain. Maybe it's a clever hat pin.  Is that a tombstone over her liver?