Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hawk's Conference

As time goes on and I find my own unique way of organizing and creating with watercolor, personal innovations emerge serendipitously.  The Franklin Planner, which I can't take credit for using this way (Maria Coryell-Martin sells these kits for Watercolor artists, I make my own), has been a great way to organize exactly the papers I want to carry with me.  And from there, I discovered cutting up and punching Franklin Planner-sized, Pigment Spilled watercolor papers that I could eventually finish with details done in water-soluble colored pencil or ink.  

And of course, more recently, I've cut loose and begun playing with the actual patterns on the Spills, mostly that were created by the rock salt in contact with the wet paper.  My historic portrait and fantasy critter experience jumps right in at that point, as I see faces screaming to be brought out!  

Not long ago, a number of the other students on Sketchbook Skool had gotten into swapping trading Artist Trading Cards through the mail (even overseas).  I enjoyed that a great deal, also.  It's interesting how one's personal style and medium often draws (no pun intended...or maybe just a little one) upon a range of past experiences.  It didn't take much thinking for me to decide that the small (2.5" x 3.5") watercolor cards cut from that same Spilled Pigment paper could be carried around in the Franklin Planner's credit card slots, and when riding in the car or sitting, waiting for food at a cafe, I can pull one out and stare at it until something emerges.  This allows me to play with ideas on a small scale before working large.  

I wish I could give you some background on story behind this particular impulsive piece. Maybe you've got a story that springs to mind!

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