Saturday, November 26, 2011

Metanoia II (plus sketch)

This ceramic clay sculpture is about 21 inches tall, and was sold to a retired professional couple who have been a wonderful influence on my outlook in life.   Metanoia II was inspired by a vision I had one day of a species of intelligent beings that had evolved from a more feline history.   My daughter had already drawn a picture of a woman that was based on some sort of supposed contact a friend had with another visiting species that was a more feline-appearing body.   Her picture is different than my sculpture, but I had a vision of this woman even before I saw my daughter's drawing.   And having cat companions I caroused with, it wasn't a far stretch to study my Siamese cat's head structure and elaborate on that.

My reasons for creating this piece had nothing to do with alien species, it was more symbolic of the different layers of ourselves.   Perhaps the feminine conscious and the subconscious.   After my previous husband's suicide, I sought therapy with a wonderful Jungian psychologist, who took me in hand and explored my rich and amazing dreams through the window of symbolism.   I could not afford to pay him his fee at that time, and it turned out he was in love with my sculptures, so we worked out a deal for two years.   It didn't take long for either of us to realize the exciting symbology inherent in the sculpting I did professionally but was unable to explain to others.   Perhaps it was not my job to do that, my therapist surmised.  Maybe I am the messenger, and others are the translators.   And so it has been for years since then.   I invite anyone who views these postings to try your hand at interpretation with commentary.   As I have found through conversations at gallery openings, there are so many out there who offer the last puzzle piece, and no one's offering is anything less than synchronous and appropriate.   Doesn't that fish look happy?



  1. I will add a little story to this posting:

    I had sculpted Metanoia II several years ago, and when the movie, "Avatar" came out, Jim and I had to go see it. We were a little late and the movie had already started as we walked down the dark aisle to our seats. Looking up, I was stunned to see characters that were every bit Metanoia's own race of people!!! Only blue!! I almost always use my own hands as models for my sculptures, so the movie character's hands were not similar, but the faces!!

  2. "Maybe I am the messenger, and others are the translators." I like that. The hands of this sculpture are exquisite.

  3. You are so kind, Joyce. I'm so glad you like the piece!

  4. Metanoia and the Fish clearly have a relationship that transcends the history of their Earthling counterparts - that's so cool when it happens.