Friday, November 4, 2011

Music of the Spheres

The bird perched on the sphere painted on this man's chest is a Mourning Dove.   Since I was a little girl riding my backyard swing in the dry Denver evening air, the quiet song of the Mourning Dove has been like notes from a Divine source.   Here in Western Washington those birds are less populated than in Colorado (or maybe there are generally less birds than in the 1950s), so when I hear one in the distance, my ears strain hungrily to pick its notes from the cool evening breeze.  I came back to the studio to begin this sculpture after such an evening.

Originally I had applied copper leaf to the sphere, a time-consuming and difficult task.  The next day the copper leaf came off easily on my fingers... the adhesive had acted as a solvent for the underlying enamel.  When all was cleaned up and dried, I used Interference acrylics to create a green iridescence that picked up the light nicely.  The sad part was that the copper leaf had actually reflected "Music's" hand.  It was stunning.  But I like this nearly as well.

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