Saturday, February 25, 2012

Living Room Scene

This sketch was a three-week endeavor.   A friend gave me this little sketchbook for Christmas, and about three weeks ago I used my Staedtler outliner pen to draw the pedestal and sculpture standing nearby in the living room, as Jim and I enjoyed tea.   Up until today, the weather had not been co-operative enough to finish the sketch the way I wanted.   Now I understand how much patience it takes, sometimes, for a photographer to get the perfect shot!   The bay outside the window was even clear and almost blue, not fogbound.   The paint was Winsor Newton watercolors.   The sculptural bell on the pedestal is a Steve Reinmuth bronze.


  1. I really like this sketch. It looks so peaceful and light there!

  2. Great sketch! It does look like a really nice day- gives the sketch a very cheerful feeling.

  3. Thanks, Marian, Roger. If you walk up to the sketch, closer to the right side and look back at an angle, you can almost see your house!