Friday, April 20, 2012

The Owl Sprit For Lunch

Truly I'm not starting a new career in illustrating all the Northwestern eateries, it's just that we've been eating out a lot this last week, for some reason.   This little place in Port Townsend is dear to us, too.  The young couple who own it create a great atmosphere and very healthy and very tasty food, some of which is gluten free.   And the art on the walls isn't bad, either!   There is a very colorful owl painted on the back wall... too big to put anything more than it's left wing in the sketch.   MMMMM... smell the shrimp tacos!


  1. A fun sketch of a great little place.

    1. Do you and Marian know this place?

    2. Yes, we were just there and I had the yummy chicken lentil soup. I gave the big, homemade biscuit to Roger, who said it was great. This is a very cool sketch- have you shown it to Jeremy yet? PS- I like the money floating in the tip jar, and of course the paintings by Kathy Francis, too!

    3. I love the lentil soup! Yes, Jim loves the biscuits, too. Haven't shown it to Jeremy; as is typical.... I didn't finish the colors for a couple days afterward. But as the little sketchbook is in my purse always, I'll show them when we go in next time. Yeah, the money floating... I guess it wants to get out and be spent. I really loved the paintings (does it show?). Sad about the Buzz. I'm glad we immortalized it on paper when we did. Somehow Hurricane doesn't inspire me.