Monday, April 2, 2012

Fourth Friday Open Mic Readings

Rainshadow Coffee in Sequim has been hosting a reading venue that's been nurtured by a friend of ours, Ruth Marcus (pictured right in the sketch).   Who would've thought there would be so much talent hidden in the fields and hills around Clallam County?   As usual, the room was packed, but my sketch was more expressive without the intervening heads and shoulders, so I limited the listeners to a few.   You can see the bags of coffee beans were important props in creating the perfect atmosphere.   They seem to be very attentive in their expression.  


  1. I really like this composition and drawing. I think simplifying the audience does the trick, and gives the event a nice casual, low-pressure feeling.

    1. Thank you, Roger. I tried for the feel that even the objects in the room were attentive to the story being told.