Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Olive Tree On Crystal Planet

This is another drawing from 1983 (mostly 'cause I'm too busy to sketch right now).  Unfortunately, the black paper I scrounged at the time was not very good, and it was accidentally left near a window, where the daylight faded it in places.   I really love this painting (with the marvelous white opaque Dr.  Ph. Martin's ink... still can't find that version, maybe it contained lead), and hope I can figure a way to doctor it back to health.   Perhaps I can recreate it with paints.


  1. Interesting- it looks like an olive tree and a hand, and a beautiful crystal. The crystal is so transparent- it's really nice. I wonder if you could intentionally fade some of the black paper in patterns? On my screen, the different shades of black look like part of the design.

  2. Hmmmm. I'd probably need something like your Elements tools, but wouldn't it be cool to do that? I had based the drawing of the tree on my left hand, which conveniently held still for me as a model, before it went back to work grabbing the ink bottle before the cat knocked it off the table. And as I was obsessed at the time with trees eerily similar to hands, or trees growing out of planets, the new ink gave me some ideas. I wish I had that ink now. The current version doesn't have quite the startling opacity that this past version had.

  3. So cool. Reminds me of bonsai. There is something so spiritual about it.

    1. A very high compliment, indeed, Joyce. Thank you.