Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Puyallup Barn

Before I get back to my masa paper workshop paintings again, I thought I'd post an old watercolor painting I'd done in 1982, when I lived near Puyallup, Washington.   The valley was rich with old historic architecture still standing from the era in the mid-1800s, when the hops crop was burgeoning and creating wealth and commerce to the Puyallup and Sumner area, before the hops lice infestation ended those golden times from California to British Columbia.   I'm not sure if this barn is a hops barn, as it doesn't have the characteristic cupolas at either end, but it certainly seemed historic.   At the time of this painting, I used watercolors dry, right out of the tubes, much like the oil painting I'd done from 1963 until 1983.   I guess gouache would work very well for me at this point, as I like that style of watercolor.   Opaque and dry-ish.

Anyway, I received my shipment of masa paper, sumi ink and wheat paste today, so we'll see what comes of playing with those toys!


  1. Wow, E, that is very nice. I like the opaque look to this painting, too. It's very convincing.

    1. Thank you, M. I used the gouache today to work on the Nude in the previous posting (then re-scanning it and replacing the old one), and it works very nicely in an opaque-sort-of-way. I'm intrigued, though, about your watercolors in the bottles. I hope you can remember sometime where you found them! In the meantime, I'll maybe go looking for something like them myself. The colors are really nice!