Monday, March 18, 2013

Discovery Bay Pastoral

I've driven by this spot hundreds of times, but it wasn't until Catherine gave us a photo she took for last week's class study that I appreciated the terrain for it's sumptuous vitality.  Serene, ageless and inviting. All I had ever focused on as I passed this area, was the tacky hamburger joint.  Sometimes even a painter might not really connect with a landscape until she translates it to paper (or canvas).


  1. The colors of the marsh plants, dogwood, and nearby trees are very nice! Sometimes I think that the outside of the hamburger joint could be a good sketch subject. I've never been inside it.

    1. Thanks, Marian. I think the most valuable thing Catherine has taught me is that saturated professional colors make a huge difference. My Cotman watercolor cakes are fun for sketching, but they really don't lay down the intensity that the Holbein or Daniel Smith tubes do! It's funny, while I was writing about the hamburger joint, I was also thinking it'd make a great sketch! Maybe we can park down there somewhere with our respective painting/sketching stuff sometime.