Monday, May 27, 2013

Back To Work

There's a great deal of satisfaction in putting my creative furniture and tools back into place after the new floor has been installed in the studio.  Jim and I put our shoulders, backs and creaky joints into it this afternoon, and have most of the heavy stuff back in.   It's amazing how much light the carpeting had absorbed, pale as it was, when it was on the floor in there.  The room looks so light and bright, now that it's gone and the gleaming marmoleum is in place!  I can't wait to begin painting, drawing and writing in that magical room looking into the garden.  My neighbors, the birds who hang out at the feeder outside my window, and the chipmunk who gleans their careless left-overs from the concrete below, will keep me endlessly distracted as I wait for the Muse to inspire me.  A very meditative space, indeed.  So good to get back to work!

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