Saturday, June 1, 2013

At Rest

It's been a lovely day spent with various friends, great conversation between bites of sumptuous food, and enjoying stimulating art with fellow painters at a gallery opening.  Now, curled up in my favorite chair in the twilight hours, I need to release a little of that creative energy on whatever happens to be in the room with me.


  1. This is nicely drawn, and humorous. The figure seems surprised that the lamp is on, or at least next to her!

  2. What a lovely, intriguing drawing, Elsbeth. It makes me curious about the little figure and what exactly is he thinking?

    1. Thank you, Jean. The little figure is "Faith", one of my sculptures made in the last show for my work, a couple years ago (see blog posting from October 2011 ). Her attention is drawn to the horizon, where she is encouraging her raven to aim for, I believe. However, where she's standing, she does seem to have it in mind the bird will go check out the lamp!