Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wizard Princess

Now that bulk of house projects is tapering off, Jim and I are gradually getting back to normal.  Getting laundry done, re-hanging a houseful of paintings and prints, replacing furniture, and even more important, getting a little creativity in here and there.

This is a photo I had taken with our iPad about three months ago of our elderly Maine Coon, Princess Sierra Frost (or just Sierra).  I've been trying here and there to get a little play time in with the new toy, particularly the painting app I've put on it, Procreate.  It's a marvelous tool, and one can become quite proficient in no time at all, working with it's sketching, painting, and pastel techniques.  However, it's been slow going, and now that I've got mail installed, I can send these to myself and post them on my blog!  As you can see, I enhanced Sierra's fur quite a bit.  I simply captured the color of her fur with the eyedropper, then drew extensions on the photo of her locks.  Coming back with a smudge tool, I blended each curl nicely.  I'm having way too much fun!


  1. Hey Elsbeth, your blogs are not showing up on my blogs page again. Googled you and found you are having much fun with technology. This picture gave me a big old grin. Love what you did with her fur. Looking forward to seeing more. Take care friend!

    1. That happens to me, too, Joyce. Sometimes it's yours, sometimes one or two of my other blog friends. I just have to track them down and catch up! I guess Google isn't perfect. Sometimes I feel like complaining, but then... I realize it's free, so there you go. Thanks for the appreciation of my floundering technical stuff, it's helping to keep it minimal for now. You are always such a dear support!