Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tiger Stripes

Jim and I had a rambunctious three hours with grandkids today while their mom was at a show, selling her handmade jewelry. Of course, as they have cats, too, I was happy to bring in my sketchpack. I'm still enjoying the online Sketchbook Skool klasses, and the current one has us drawing animals. Little Shyloh, the almost-five-year-old, was immediately thrilled for me to pull out the Moleskines, as she's been instrumental at choosing my colors for Inktense sketches in the past, and she so loves my sketches. She has an amazing color sense! She squints and reads the colors on the side of the pencil before handing them over to me. I enlisted her help as I tried to figure out the complex colors on the back of Trixie, their sort-of-tabby-female-that-brings-home-whole-rabbits. Before long, my pencil box was between Shyoh and her brother, each snatching colors out of the tin to wash the rich, intense jewel-tones onto their drawings! They won't find those pencils at Walmart!

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