Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Circle of Life

This week's teacher on Sketchbook Skool has assigned that we do grids.  Grids and vegetables, and many of the students have been struggling with that task, and others do really well with it.  I've been one of the struggling ones, I'm afraid.  After days of getting distracted with...well, you saw the previous posting...other sorts of drawings, this morning I realized I DO grids.  Just grids my own way.  And the vegetables in the fridge look sad, as do the lackluster fruit in the bowl.  However, this large clamshell a dear friend picked up and handed to me from the beach on Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia has been lying around the house for years, with other shells and beach pebbles nestled inside.  For me, it's like a little sumptuous snack for the soul, always tempting me to pick it up and fondle it.  

So this morning I snipped a young branch off of the garnet Japanese Maple by the porch, and sat down to do a "quick" sketch of those together, using a sheet of stationery Jim had lying around from when he and his previous wife would make greeting cards from them, with their photos on them.  They make lovely toned paper for monochromatic drawings.  Well, three hours later, this was the result.  I'm pretty pleased with it.  *Note later...  I guess I'm a little less pleased, knowing that I misspelled "Spring".  My daughter caught me on it! Sigh, back to the drawing board.  Literally.


  1. Lovely painting, Elsbeth! How do you like Sketchbook Skool? I was intrigued by it but didn't sign up.

    1. Hi, Jean, I'm absolutely loving sketchbook Skool! It was so popular internationally, that they finally had to cut the enrollment off at 2000 for this first semester, but they will repeat it July 4th, all six weeks. I guess now they will cut the enrollment off at 500, however, if it fills up (which I think it has), they will just start another group of 500 simultaneously. Also will be doing the next semester along with that with new teachers. I know it sounds confusing, but it have so enjoyed not only making friends with other more practiced artists, but also encouraging beginners of all ages. The teachers each week have very different styles and methods. It's so nice to be pushed to get outside and do a little creativity each day, in my own way, with a little journaling...and no pressure to post or create sale-worthy paintings!