Saturday, June 28, 2014

We've Gone Inside

Yesterday I had another chance to sketch my favorite building, Manresa Castle.  Every two weeks Jim goes to the Medical shortstay at Jefferson Hospital in Port Townsend, to get another installment on his allergy shots.  I don't always go with him (allergy shots are against my religion), but yesterday we wanted to stop by the paint store and look through samples for painting our front door.  We got there ten minutes after the store closed.  However, I did get another shot at Manresa Castle, and this time, actually went inside and sketched!! Phew! Big move!  Just so the hotel management didn't think I was skulking around with evil intentions, I asked the young ladies at the front desk permission to skulk...I mean... sketch around the premises.  They were fairly enthused about my doing so.  

I didn't go far, the parlor just off the lobby was regally appointed, and the sun came in just so... I found a cozy corner to stand in and laid my kit out on the table.  I didn't get too far when Jim called me to come back to the car, he was done and ready to go.  I did put in the majority of ink lines of objects in the room, and a little swatch of watercolor hue here and there to remember for later.  I finished the sketch today here and there between errands and interruptions by our handyman as he worked outside in the rain.  

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