Monday, June 30, 2014

Making Friends With My New Book

I've finally made friends with my two month old Stillman-Birns Alpha watercolor book. My "page fright" had me avoiding using it until the Monkey would say, "Okay, now you are famous and proficient enough to make a mark in this." Ha! Is that ever going to happen? Not in this lifetime. So tonight, after downing a (gluten-free) ale, I turned on all the studio lights, and laid out the new book. Inside the front cover, I introduced myself to the book about Elsbeth McLeod's Life. For my pleasure, or for whoever might read it later. In this particular book, I will sketch and paint those things and events in my life that have meaning, maybe paste in a ticket stub, or pressed flower, or whatever, too. An imprint of what matters to me. Now I'm not so afraid of it. The other sketchbooks and w/c books I have were reserved for us being out and about, things that happen in town, or objects and people I witness that are relatively unrelated to Who I Am. Ridiculously scary to devote a book to my life!


  1. Elsbeth, this sounds like a wonderful project. So glad you made friends with your watercolor book. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    1. It is, Joyce! Let's hope the further sharings from this book are joyful!