Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Soup Pot Selfie

We had a new homework assignment in Sketchbook Skool Bootkamp today.  This was SO up my alley.  No, not because my ego can't get enough of my face appearing on Facebook, but because I love portraits.  And portraits that use a little imagination...all the better! And who am I going to get to stand still as a model?  Well, me.  

There were two Selfies we were to do.  One I haven't yet posted here, in which I sprouted feathers. A fanciful selfie from memory.  But this one was to be from a mirror (which in my case was the side of a stainless steel dutch oven), with distortion or props or glamor or whatever.  How easy could it be?  My reflection on the pot was already distorted.  I just copied it.  The challenge was using some of my Pigment Spill paper and my Derwent Inkense pencils to follow the colors already on the paper. Not so glamorous, but oh, well.

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