Sunday, April 26, 2015

Doodle Bug

Once upon a time, decades ago, I used to play around in my sketchbook with fantasy bugs.  Last night I was trying out different ways of using my new rubber texture sheets (designed for silver clay impressions [cool tools], but repurposed for printing nicely), using a page from my pigment spill experiments that I wasn't as thrilled with.  I am liking the result, but it wasn't congealing in my mind as a "thing".  So this morning I poured a hot cup of tea, curled up and stared at the page. One of the print patterns began to look like a beetle's back.  Do you see it too?


  1. And here it is, all snug like a bug should be. Very soft and lovely.

    1. Very snug indeed, Roxane! Thanks for commenting. I think there might be a series of bugs, maybe.

  2. Oh that would be lovely and would definitely tickle my fancy.