Monday, April 13, 2015

Morning Light, Texture Study

Often when I am seized with an idea, the world needs to clear a path to my materials, fast.  I am Wile E. Coyote, scorching a Light Speed trail to the horizon, in pursuit of those implements that will support that vision the fastest.  Often with disastrous results; chairs tipped over, bruises on shins, cats run for cover, jars of pens and brushes scattered.  I don't even stop to pick up my common sense on the way.

I've been entertaining vague ideas of incorporating stamping and textural stencil work into some of my illustrations and paintings this last week, and this afternoon the "thing" popped clearly into my head.  No purchase necessary, I would go raid the sculpture studio (again) for the rubber texture molds I've created in multiples for my Precious Metal Clay jewelry a few years ago.  Some of the flatter ones will make great stamps!  Leaves, fabric, orange skin, carved cross-hatching, etc.

Funny thing, though.  Often the engineering side of my brain forgot to email the creative side that we'd be meeting at the drafting table with paints and inks.  I showed up with tools, but no mental image.  All I saw in my mind was a series of wedges, green and gold, that stretched to the horizon.  So I invented, quickly, a sketch that could incorporate it.  After I stamped textures on the paper impatiently.  Maybe in my next lifetime, all those parts and pieces of creativity will play nicely together.