Thursday, October 27, 2011

Venus de Vertebra

Okay, so it's a cute title, and I've never done a cute title before.   In actuality, my name for this piece was the ho-humdrum "Abstract Torso", but my husband Jim likes to name a lot of my pieces, and does a great job of it (as well as shooting the fabulous photos!).   He really liked "Venus de Vertebra", as the piece is based on bone-like segments.  It stuck.  Out with the boring title, in with the cute title.  She is truly different than anything I've done before, except for the tiny version that was a maquette for this larger one.  Unlike the full-form Venus, the maquette has a head and face.  If I can find a photo, maybe I'll post it eventually.  And as are all of the pieces in the photo postings I've listed on this blog so far, she is camping out at director Kevin's lovely gallery, Art On The Boulevard, in Vancouver, WA.   Venus is 9.5" tall, and lovely to hold and stroke.


  1. It's an excellent name, and the concept for the sculpture is so original, too!

  2. It's was just one of those wacky, out in left field inspirations. I miss her already, and wish she was home again!