Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Li" On Woven Abstract Silver Pendant

I thought I'd mix things up again and post another silver jewelry photo shot by Jim.   This is one of the first pieces I made that sold at Art On The Boulevard and as it was one of my favorites too, perhaps I will make more that are similar in style.   I love the weight and feel of polished silver in my hands....

"Li" is the name of a face I had carved in plaster a few years ago.   I had made a mold of it and subsequently used that to create a number of versions in combination for jewelry, usually pendants, sometimes in bronze or copper jewelry.   The silver is woven (tricky!) with textured silver strips (the textures were from household objects I'd molded also, like carrot greens or fabric), and the result makes a great foundation to meld a tiny silver mask onto.   This piece is about 1 3/4 inches or about 4.5 cm across.

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