Thursday, March 29, 2012

Point Hudson Sailboat Envy

Finally, the Hudson Point Cafe, as promised.   Our favorite hang out in Port Townsend, being devoted to the art on the walls, the staff, and the most fabulous cajun-style catfish plate.  Mmmmmmm.   Even though the last couple times we went there the catfish was sold out, the food and the view are always awesome.   We've visited there again recently, even since the St. Patty's Day Biomass Forum meeting at the Unitarian (see 3-17-12 posting).   I have included Jim's "painterly" (iPhoto) rendering of his photograph of the scene that inspired my sketch, the original of which I had used later in the week for color reference.   The sailboat, particularly, I was in love with, and imagined an afternoon aboard her.  Too bad I'm so terrified of the water, but that hasn't stopped me from sailing on friend's boats in decades past.   Some things are worth defying phobias for.   Some of my best memories are on sailing vessels.... that and a hot air balloon.

(A note:   You can see how my impression and arrangement of a scene isn't necessarily faithful to the circumstance... things get eliminated, re-arranged and color-enhanced!)


  1. This is really nice! The scene looks so inviting, and the glass looks so... glassy.

  2. What a fun sketch! It does look inviting- and sunny! I feel like taking a seat and staying awhile.

    1. Thanks, you two. It's fun to do reflective stuff... and sunny stuff. It's tough, though, to just let my food get cold in the interest of art.