Monday, March 12, 2012

Port Angeles Waterfront

Last month I bought a Moleskine small enough to fit in my purse, with watercolor paper pages.  And earlier this month Jim and I were at the Port Angeles pier on the waterfront, attending an activist rally against a recently permitted biomass project to be built at the Nippon pulp mill.   As seems typical for me, the downtown traffic, the diesel fumes, sent me coughing to hide in the backseat of the car for the duration while Jim took photos of the activities.   Some activist I am!  I took the opportunity to pull out that little Moleskine and sketch in ink the large, cast bronze, cormorant sculptures installed in 1980 by the sculptor Duncan McKiernan.   A week and a half later I put color to it from memory with my little, pocket-sized Winsor-Newton watercolors.   I've read about "Sketch Crawls" on the Urban Sketchers website, but I guess for me a sketch crawl is descriptive of the time it takes me to finish a sketch nowadays.

I left out the nearby rails in this picture, as I like it better without them.

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  1. Just a few colors- but they are exactly right. Cool!