Friday, October 14, 2011

The Original Whetherbird

This is the original.   Completely made of ceramic clay, painted with oils.   My deceased husband, Neil, and I decided after having the little guy on the market for a year, that we loved him too much to send him into the hands of strangers.   We made an executive decision to keep him in the artist's collection.  He IS precious!   Unfortunately, Neil didn't live long enough to see Whetherbird's next incarnation in bronze and concrete.   He would've loved the new version, I know.   Neil was the one in 1999 who pushed me to cast in bronze, his intuition told him it would be a great move and a success story.  It was.  This is Neil's photo of Whetherbird:


  1. Somehow, when his tummy is beige, it looks so fluffy and rubbable. I think you could rub his tummy for good luck.

  2. Oh, believe me, I'm amazed that the paint is still on his tummy, with all the rubbing and kissing he's gotten through the years (am I permitted to be this explicit on a blog?) mostly by me.