Monday, October 10, 2011

Wind In The Trees

This is the backside of "Wind In The Trees", who is approximately 12" high.   I seem to have misplaced the face-on view of her, but when I do find it, you'll see how serene and sexy she is.   The leaves that spill from her delicate head have a slight iridescence to them, and were created by pressing the ceramic clay into the silicon rubber molds I made for the leaves of my silver and bronze jewelry out of young leaves in our garden.  It took the better part of a day to carefully monitor the dryness of the ceramic clay leaves, delicately nudge them from the molds (sometimes they tear), and place them carefully on her head with slip (a more liquid version of clay) when sculpting the piece.   How could something so small be so intense?

I will post her face-on view when I manage to dig up that photo.   My desktop ate it, I think.

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