Saturday, January 7, 2012

My First Sketch of The Artists Who Stare At Things

This couple were deep in a sincere discussion at our local coffee shop, The Buzz, yesterday.   Three of us had gathered together in an informal Sketch Crawl, and the Buzz is "a-buzz" with interesting and unique people as well as objects.   Not to mention the artist's show-of-the-month on the walls.  Now fellow-bloggers (and Sketchers as well as Photographers and Painters) Roger and Marian have taught me how to do a hyper-link on my blog, so I can link their blogsites.   They are responsible for my return to sketching and illustration, through their interest in the Seattle Urban Sketchers .   And as they are Friends on my blog, you can go to their latest postings.  Marian thought we should call ourselves "Artists Who Stare At Things".


  1. Nice cozy feeling, and I love all the details- the computer logo, wall hanging, and discussion poses! And, the link tool is to the left of the image tool, in the posting toolbox.

  2. Duhhhh.... why didn't I see that? THANK YOU, Marian!