Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Otherwise Known As Marcel

Once upon a time... about twelve years ago, there was a little project that Neil and I had fun with for awhile.   I would create little clay figures and he would photograph them for publishing as greeting cards. They would act out different roles with little stage settings we'd go to great lengths to create.   It seemed like a fun idea, and in fact we were quite involved with it daily before Neil passed on.   This little angelic waiter had been photographed for our 2001 Christmas cards, which were all very well received.   Folks whom we'd sent them to saved them and sometimes framed them.   The interior of the card read:

      May the Angel of Abundance bring you Peace and Prosperity This Season and the Coming Year

That was the last card we made.    He continues to charm Jim's and my home today, and Jim has renamed him "Marcel".    It seems to suit him very well.   This is Jim's photograph of Marcel.  

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