Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stone and Haiku

This is the other sketch from Thursday's group sketch at the Undertown.   I thought I'd ruined it yesterday with overworking, but then..... the magic flowed through the pen and the brush, (which don't always play together nicely).... and there you have it.   We had bumped into a friend at the Co-op after leaving the Undertown, and she spoke of her Haiku writing class going on just across from where we were beneath the street.   I envisioned this woman I drew as reading Haiku beneath the city.


  1. These are excelllent, E- seriously. And not seriously, I see two cats...?

  2. The faces/animals in the stone wall are fun.

  3. Thank you, Marian, Roger.... I'm so glad I didn't trash it. The first try made the woman almost lost in the details. A watered-down acrylic glaze with a little burnt sienna and yellow ochre over the wall toned down the bricks and stones. Yes, there is an "intentional" cat, and a couple "intentional" faces, but maybe other, "unintentional" cats and faces?