Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maggie's Imaginary Friend

In the early '80s I had a little Siamese cat named Maggie.   Through her short life she often would spend endless hours tumbling around on the floor as though there were a companion she was wrestling that we couldn't see. I've had many cats through my life, most have at some point enjoyed pretending they were chasing something that's not there, but Maggie's preoccupation with this obsessive, one-sided game often raised the hairs on my neck with it's eerie exercise in engaging the unknown.   Sometimes she would roll over and over, her paws wrapped around an empty space, her teeth gently nipping at the air within it.


  1. Nice cat drawing- she does look a bit haunted, though!

  2. Thank you, Marian. Yeah, I think that might not be a dust bunny she picked up.