Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Old Mill Cafe

I guess the text says it all.   Excellent place to eat, lots of great atmosphere, greens are organic whenever possible... fresh from Nash's own crops.   We have had no complaints in all the meals we've eaten there.   The staff is great!


  1. These subjects must have taken some time to sketch. They are done so well! And what a score to sit at a table with sketching items right there under glass.

    1. Thanks, Marian! Do you remember this "torn paper tile" layout I did in my Moleskine with the hopes that eventually there'd be something to put in the squares? This seemed like the perfect opportunity! The little articles under our lunches were a delight to draw and paint (with my little watercolor set), and I made poor Jim sit and wait in the car with me (after lunch) as I drew the building facade with my technical pen... coloring it in the next day at home with Inktense. Actually Jim's really patient and so happy I like sketching when we're out and about.