Sunday, May 6, 2012

Party Kitty

In the late '80s I lost my mind for a few months and applied to a greeting card company that was calling for artists to submit their ideas.   It made me a little nervous to send in my drawings without any assurance they would not steal the ideas, but it sounded like a fun gig.   Turns out they didn't like my work.   At the time I was having great fun entertaining my teenage daughters with cat drawings that had human facial expressions.   Oh, well, that company's loss, I guess.  I stuffed these into the ammo crate where they've spent the last 24 years.  They still make me smile. 

It's interesting looking at all the different names I used through the years, signing my work.  Tays was my maiden name, that I took again after my divorce.   Poulk was the married name I took in my first marriage.  McLeod was my second marriage's name.   I use it to this day as it has become the identity I've carried through my professional career as a sculptor since 1992.  

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