Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Very Thai Food Kinda Day

As often happens, an errand Jim and I needed to run in Port Townsend ended up swelling to a day in Port Townsend.  Groceries at the Co-op became a footnote to lunch, and a matinee at the old Rose Theatre.  Always a treat, even if Jim got confused at the box office and pointed to me when he said, "Senior ticket" and himself when he said, "Adult ticket, please".  I don't think he knew what he had said until he saw my mouth agape and eyes looking daggers at him.  It was good natured, as now that I'm facing my sixtieth birthday, I'm getting pretty used to being a "senior" at some establishments, however, no use rushing things!

And of course, if we didn't eat lunch before we entered the theatre, the smell of popcorn would've inspired us to buy the biggest bag, so a rice bowl at Khu Larb was a pleasant tummy-filler.  And no "extra butter" option.  I love the rich colors in the restaurant, and how could I resist the old stone wall outside the window?  And big, fresh roses every day on each table.  The dilemma of including the deep, green wall to my right in my sketch was solved by including the mirror next to the window that reflected a suggestion of that wall, as well as one of the wonderful, hanging lanterns.  


  1. It looks very cheery. I like the pair of fish on the wall.

    1. Thanks, Roger. I wasn't sure if they were fish, as I finished that detail at home, but I knew there a pair of somethings there, so I made them fish.