Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jamestown S'Klallam Tribal Tunnel (rough sketch)

The weather's been so pleasant these last days that I thought I would grab my sketcher's stool yesterday evening and set up down the street at the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribal Campus and find something in the rich architecture and sculpture to capture.   Alas, the light was fading fast by the time I got the rough sketch done, so I will have to do this in installments.  And I had forgotten the camera that's handy when the light is fleeting, when I need reference.

This is a beautiful tunnel that was built under Highway 101, connecting pedestrians to the rest of the buildings on the other side of the highway.  As is common throughout the campus, the planning, design and architecture (as well as the landscaping) are breathtaking.   As I sketched, a woman emerged from the tunnel and looked at my work, smiling broadly.  She introduced herself as a Tribal Elder and invited me across the street to attend a private tribal drumming celebration, to begin at 5:30.   She grinned and admitted 5:30 had past, but considering "Indian Time", it might get rolling sometime after 6:00 PM.  Jim was due home from town momentarily, so I took a raincheck, but it would've been fun, I think.

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  1. Very nice drawing in progress. It would have been fun to go to the drumming celebration. Be sure to write about it and take your sketch pad when you go :)