Monday, July 30, 2012

Mushrooms In Moonlight

When I had given up oil painting at the age of 30, I had already had about 20 years experience at how well it would serve my creativity, as my mother had taught me to paint with oils when I was ten.   I know, what was she thinking?  The turpentine fumes made me dizzy and nauseated, but she advised me to keep at it, and I would get over it.  I did keep at it, and when I finally gave it up, the freedom to also re-define my style was equally dizzying.... but in a good way!   It's as though finding new media also unleashed new ideas and alternate styles, as you've seen in past postings from the early-to-late 1980s.  My mother didn't seem to be too excited about my paper and ink explorations, or even the clay and sculpture adventures.   Maybe that was a good thing for me.   I was "on my own".  Uncharted territory!  I didn't know anyone who was doing monochromatic nature studies at that time, so I innocently thought I was blazing a new trail, and it got me out of the studio and into the field.   The wet, sloppy, field.   Lots of strange, little mushrooms made their home in wet cow pastures, and some of them did taste pretty good, though they seemed to "enhance" the scenery when I ate them.  Hmmmm..... maybe that explains the tree series!  Just kidding.

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