Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tangible Thoughts

This graphite sketch is an imaginary portrait done in the mid-1980s.   One of those instances in which I just let the pencil flow.   When I was finished, I thought, "Holy smoke!  She's on fire."  Later that week the emanations from her head looked more to me like the energy of thought.   It occurs to me that if thoughts seep outward in this way, how far afield do they roam?  


  1. Is this one of your early cat people? The nose, the eyes? What is she thinking of? I like her holding one's gaze. Secure and self-assured.

  2. I think she looks part feline, too. That means her thoughts can travel at least to the nearest person with a can opener - maybe farther. At the moment, though, she seems to not need anything.

  3. Hello, Michael, Marian... at the time I had no feline/human meld in mind, but she does seem to have some catlike influence, doesn't she? It's probably from my constant kitty companions. It did seem to them to be a good swap... I could work the can opener, they could provide readily available facial features. She does seem to be very self-possessed, doesn't she?