Saturday, April 12, 2014

Clam Shack (Koosje's Online Klass Assignment)

Today I was well enough to walk down across our road to the property on the bay where a new-ish pier leads down to an old abandoned clam-processing shack on the water.  I've always thought the interior of the shack itself was spooky and sort of haunted-looking, and usually avoid going in.  I figured at the worst, I'd fall through the floor and end up in the bay.  At the best, an owl would explode out of the darkness and chase me, screaming, out the door.  But I'm okay with sitting up on the pier on my little sketch stool, the stiff breeze pasting my hair back, and drawing the forbidding doorway down below.  I was hoping for the company of the usual cormorants, kingfishers and eagles, but all I had today was a nervous-looking seagull.  This is done mostly in watercolor wash, Derwent Inktense water-soluble colored pencils, with some gouache over-painting when I got home to the studio.  I especially like the thick moss carpet on the roof of the shack, and the window on the opposite wall from the door.

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