Saturday, April 5, 2014

Danny Gregory's Sketchbook Skool


I've enrolled in a series of classes (or klasses) online, hosted by Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene:, and featuring six weeks with six (I think?) teachers, with a playful, empowering and diverse course for those interested in sketch/journaling.  It looks like hundreds have signed up from all over the world, and all sorts of backgrounds.  Many are just learning to draw for the first time, some come from an accomplished background in the arts, but want to pick up new ideas and be involved in an instant community of like-minded creatives.  We all post our work and comment on each other's accomplishments.  It's pretty contagious.  Yesterday's videos were all by Danny, our first teacher in the series.  His relaxed, colorful, humorous journals and style are a big reason why I collect his books and have signed up for this ...."Klass".  This page is my first day's efforts of Danny's homework assignments.  Really, I'm learning a lot from the other students as much as from Danny!  Mostly, stay loose (tough for me), be free, be spontaneous.  And let go of the preciousness of the paper!  


  1. It not that with my doing our taxes that I'm not also being really creative and getting a sense of accomplishment, but I think I can safely say that what Elsbeth is doing is way more fun, definitely looser, and not a slave to the paper like someone adding up receipts. (This is just her husband rubbing it in.)