Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Uptown Victorian

My sketching friend, Sharman, and I headed back to Port Townsend today to do some studies for our current online class (or klass).  We were trying to keep it simple, practice some washes and this old house caught my eye as we drove around uptown.  We pulled over, got out, and soon realized it was not a simple subject.  I'm not as happy with it as say, the Manresa Castle sketch, but salvaged some of it after I got home.  Sharman's was soft, much more sumptuous colors.  I've got to walk away for a day from this one, as it's looking more and more like The Bates Motel to me!  Our second sketch was a simpler view, the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Chetzemoka Park.  Maybe I'll post that tomorrow or this weekend.  But all in all, I feel I did a pretty good day's work.  And ate shrimp tacos at Owl Sprit. Wonderful!!

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